Timeline of Oakridge

Below is a timeline of events relating to the Oakridge property.

Dec. 1805: Col. John Hoomes, local businessman and original owner of Oakridge, dies at his home outside Bowling Green, leaving his 4000-acre tract to his wife Judith and his children.

1824: Sophia, Col. Hoomes’s only daughter, inherits Oakridge from her brother John, who died without children.

1863: Sophia Hoomes dies at Oakridge. Her son John inherits the property after her death.

1871: John looses Oakridge to a land speculator named Bruan from Henrico.

1882: Bruan sells Oakridge to another speculator named McClintie from Bath County, who sells the 351-acre property to Walter Hudgins, who in turn sells it to the Chandler family.

1899: The Chandlers sells Oakridge to J.L. and Sallie Jordan.

1925: Sallie Jordan sells Oakridge to local funeral home owner and businessman C.W. Edwards.

early 1980s: The Oakridge house burns down.

1980s – present: The Edwards’s sells the remaining 257-acre property to Maxie Broaddus, who eventually sells it to the Webb family who owns the property today.