“Selling the East in the American South” (Reading Blog #12)

In this reading, Vivek Bald talks mostly about the Bengali Muslims that immigrated to the America. He states that most of them were cart peddlers and that some moved down to the New Orleans region of the American south. He highlights the importance of the Bengali peddler network and how it helps create a better understanding of Asian immigration to the deep south. One thing that I did find interesting is that most of the Bengali immigrants didn’t settle permanently,  but those that did integrated into the African-American working class. It’s also worth noting that at this time, the American attitude toward Chinese immigrants turned xenophobic, so people started to change their interest to immigrants from places like India, Persia,  and, in this case,  the Bengal delta. In conclusion, I believe that learning more about the life of the Bengali peddlers is important to understand Asian immigration to America.

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