National Insecurities (Reading Blog #15)

“national Insecurities”,  written by Deirdre Moloney,  is an essay that discusses American immigration policy and laws. She begins by talking about the terror attacks on September 11, 2001, and how these events help change the immigration landscape in the new millennium. She states that after 9/11, Americans tended to look at immigrants differently. she also mentions in the first section that there has been increased tension between local authorities and ICE agents, especially in states like Arizona,  New Mexico,  and Texas. Despite all of this,  Moloney still claims that the raids conducted against immigrants are cases of racial profiling. In the second section of the essay,  she states that labor unions were against immigrants and that they were strong proponents for tougher immigration policies and laws. This view,  however,  was only temporary, because labor unions now depend on service sector employees due to dwindling membership. In the final section of the essay,  Moloney states that gender also played a part in this. She states that missing from most works about immigration is “a systematic analysis of how racial construction or identity was shaped by gender”.

In all, I think that Moloney described and discussed the topic greatly. She hits all the key points that deal with immigration policy here in the United States, and that we should continue to fight for immigrants who just want a better life here.

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